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Feedback re DAC

Well almost 3 weeks since the DAC arrived and I can sum that time up as the finest listening period that I have had since collecting CD's......

A few more observations may be helpful.

I have never owned a off board DAC so I can only compare your model with the built in one in my set up. I have a Musical Fidelity A1008 CD pro player and A1008 integrated amp with dedicated power supplies .These are 2007 vintage and when new were priced around 6000 and were very well reviewed .. Both the CD player and the Amp had similar on board dac's of no doubt some reasonable quality considering the price paid. Inter connects and speaker cables used are high quality and loudspeakers are origionel Rogers BBC LS3/5A monitors ,..Late in this listening period I upgraded to a Atlas pure glass optical cable , and more of that later..

Firstly , the purchasing experience was first rate and a model which very many other on line suppliers would do well to aspire to.You kept me updated and informed and answered and questions quickly and fully.. The item was delivered on the agreed date extremely well packaged..

First impressions..Good looking,even better than the photos, very well made and put together..

Listening. The DAC has been connected to a range of co-ax and optical cables. FRom a standard copper cable upto a quality 200+ one ,there were improvements up the range .Then a couple of plastic optical cables in the 30-40 range .Surprisingly they were as good ,if not marginally better than the best Co-ax.. I then searched for a better optical cable and settled on the Atlas MAvros multi strand pure glass cable.There are few reviews of optical cables ,so i took a gamble as it was in my target price range ..

I have a wide range of music ,from Mahler 8, to Joe Bonhamassa via solo instrumental and voice, small jazz groups,Electronica (brian Eno) and Pop ( Elbow etc ) Every type benefited greatly , from the amount of extra detail presented coupled with the improved sound staging which has brought the performances into focus with a rock solid presentation. There is now a clear and extended Bass line solid middle and clear top ..

I am very pleasantly surprised at the big overall gains this little box has achieved,,,My whole library has been refreshed and renewed ... I am a very happy customer ,at this price its a steal of an upgrade.....

The final piece.......You hear so much that you cant improve digital optical with expensive cables ,well let me tell you that within my system you can. The Atlas Mavros has allowed the DAC to produce another level of clarity coupled with extensive ,solid 3D sound staging whilst adding what I can only describe as a lovely maturity to the sound... Think of it like that expensive Malt / wine where everything is just right .....

Funnily a DAC upgrade had always scared me, I should not have worried , I am very very pleased with the outcome.. Thanks again and Best wishes David Baron
D Baron (Lancashire)

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