Shown below are some comments & feedback from a few of our customers:

One of the most fully featured & thought out SUTs around, as expected it pairs brilliantly with the matching phono pre transforming it into MM & MC. I have not found any cartridge that it does not work with or I should say sounds great with, some of the features of the phono pre are useful with the SUT giving it even more compatibility.

Its a little complex at first as there are a lot of settings which gives even more options but I had no trouble setting all of this up as it comes with proper instructions that covers everything to get it up & running & sounding terrific in no time. Only one minor downside, it can be quite revealing as this is proper HIFI but apart from one old record that has a lot of wear & noise, everything else is sounding better than it ever has. 10/10 recommended. L Campbell (Somerset)


The customer service from yourselves has been first rate, it’s a rare pleasure to have such care taken in communicating with the customer and keeping them informed in this day and age, and little things like refunding the postage make a world of difference to the experience (and the big things like taking the time to give advice on usage tailored to my kit).

I should also say that the SUT is working beautifully. I don’t have any reference point for SUTs and fairly limited experience of phono stages, but the NJC pair are exquisitely built, a pleasure to use and certainly seem very transparent. Overall the sound coming off the TT is absolutely beautiful and only getting better as the cartridge breaks in. D Turner (Bournemouth)


A very high quality product at a sensible price!, would definately buy again & recommend this.
D Wright (Hampshire)

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