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The customer service from yourselves has been first rate, it’s a rare pleasure to have such care taken in communicating with the customer and keeping them informed in this day and age, and little things like refunding the postage make a world of difference to the experience (and the big things like taking the time to give advice on usage tailored to my kit).

I should also say that the SUT is working beautifully. I don’t have any reference point for SUTs and fairly limited experience of phono stages, but the NJC pair are exquisitely built, a pleasure to use and certainly seem very transparent. Overall the sound coming off the TT is absolutely beautiful and only getting better as the cartridge breaks in. D Turner (Bournemouth)


The first time I bought from NJC Audio was around 2010/2011 with their headphone amplifier, I use this a lot & it has been reliable with no problems so the quality goes without saying. I am very happy with the amplifier so its inevitable that I would be buying the phono preamp to replace my "name removed" to upgrade. The phono preamp is really nice & I am finding many simularities to the headphone amplifier in the way it works & how it does not manipulate the sound by adding,removing or changing anything. Just in the same way the headphone amplifier lets me hear my headphones rather than the amplifier in this case its the cartridge so I feel whatever I say about the sound I am hearing would probably be pointless as I would only end up describing the sound of my cartridge (AT150Sa) or headphones (HD800). The preamp is nice looking as it seems everything is with NJC Audio with the usual attention to detail & finesse with good instructions that tell me what everything does.The ordering process was easy & the chaps at NJC Audio were as friendly & helpful as the first time I bought, so yes I can recommend this one & the headphone amplifier. C Andrews (Yorkshire)


After retiring in August I decided it was time to treat myself to a nice audio system figuring if I don't do it now then I never will. I started by purchasing a Funk Firm turntable with a Lyra moving coil cartridge with my son setting up all the fiddly parts & alignment. I also splashed out on floorstanding speakers - integrated speaker amplifer - headphones - but I have mainly mentioned the turntable & cartridge because these are what I am using with the NJC hifi. I was about to purchase another make of phono amplifier when my son found the NJC Audio website & we both agreed it looked like the better buy so in November I purchased the reference phono amplifier with the matching moving coil transformer.

The combination of phono preamplifer with the transformers is perfect because they work very well together & sound so accomplished. My son & I always research everything properly before buying & the NJC hifi has been the best buy. Now I know what I am hearing & enjoying is not all due to the NJC phono & transformers but also the speakers & the moving coil cartridge, but when I connected the cartridge into the phono input on the integrated speaker amplifier it was not as good as the NJC phono & transformers. I am getting so much enjoyment from how good all of this sounds.

On a personal note, you probably get a lot of mails so might not remember me but the advice you gave with the headphones has turned out to be spot on, I purchased the model you recommeded & they have worked out to be perfect for late evening listening. After re-reading your detailed mail again I think the sound of these as you described is very accurate. My thanks to you both & I will happily recommend your products - George.
G Hudson (West Sussex)

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